The Sweet Goodness of Sugarcane

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What are the benefits?
Sweet like sugarcane. A tropical perennial grass (Saccharum officinarum) of the family Poaceae is commonly processed as sugar. It is also used to make ethanol and biofuel, and cane fibres are fodder for livestock. Most medical and nutritional experts advise keeping sugar intake to a minimum as our bodies can only handle a certain amount of the processed stuff at a time. Since we know all the dangers
of having too sweet a tooth, we will look at the benefits of this succulent jaw strengthening plant when
taken in its natural form.
Sugarcane chewed or juiced contains several properties and compounds that may help improve your health and fertility. It is rich in essential nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins A, C, B vitamins, B2, B9 and Folic acid. It is also a rich source of soluble fibre, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

The juice is widely available and can be combined with lemon/lime and ginger to enhance these nutrients for many health benefits such as:

● Helps reduce acne
● Contains anti-ageing properties
● Boosts your energy
● Ensures a safe pregnancy
● Prevents bad breath and tooth decay
● Good for strong bones and teeth
● May cure Febrile disorders
● Boosts liver function
● Supports good digestion
● It may help prevent cancer
● Soothes sore throat

● Aids in wound healing
● Strengthens bodily functions
● May prevent DNA damage
● Aid in weight loss
● Detoxes the body
● May help in treating UTI
● Promotes nail health
● Increases muscle strength
● Reduces fever
● Provides relief from acidity
● Boosts your immunity

For Women’s Fertility
For the ladies trying to conceive (TTC), sugarcane juice will give you a good headstart as part of your nutrition fuelled journey. It will enhance ovulation, boost your libido and improve your fertility. And once you are pregnant, this juice will aid in sustaining a healthy pregnancy in the development of your little one. The same effects it promotes for you such as a stronger immunity will be passed on to the developing baby. When coupled with fresh ginger and lime, this juice may help ease morning sickness nausea. The rich sources of minerals and vitamins such as folic acid will aid in foetal development and reduce the risks related to congenital disabilities such as spina bifida that can cause learning difficulties, bowel problems, and mobility issues. It will keep your weight in check due to the polyphenols that help boost your metabolism and ease constipation, common in pregnant women. The glycolic acid may help treat acne caused by high levels of oestrogen during this time.

Precautions: Always drink it freshly squeezed and in moderate quantities. Overconsumption may cause stomach upset, headaches and dizziness. And In case you have diabetes, always seek advice from your doctor before you add it to your repertoire.

For Men’s Fertility
For men, one vital benefit of consuming sugarcane juice is your prostate health. Sugarcane juice is an extensive deterrent to diseases like prostate cancer. Due to the presence of flavonoids, it inhibits the multiplication of cancerous cells. It is full of essential sugars that strengthen the reproductive organs. In addition, it boosts strength and provides energy when being active, improves blood flow for better penile function and prevention of blockages. In addition to all the other benefits listed, this juice takes the sauce as an aphrodisiac, increasing libido and sperm count. For a better performance in the bedroom, sugarcane juice may help in rectifying erectile dysfunction and in the treatment of UTIs.
The same precautions apply here as too much consumption may have adverse effects.

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