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Harriet’s Botanicals was founded in early 2018 as a response to a need and demand for African sourced organic wellness products for a growing African and diaspora market.

We provide alternative reproductive, digestive and other products sourced from local traditional and herbal practitioners with a view to bridging culture and community with our customers who are now mainly in cities but would like access to their traditional wellness products. We have a focus on building and working with communities, preservation of culture including naming indigenous artefacts and products and connecting with our customers who may hitherto due to a modern lifestyle be no longer able to access these products.

Our value system is grounded on honesty, transparency and an emphasis on culture as a way to preserve and propagate the natural environment with a focus on indigenous forests. We work directly with communities and practitioners in the Southern Rift Valley of Kenya to ensure sustainable harvesting, propagation and cultivation of Indigenous herbs and on the preservation of practices, ceremonies and language around Traditional Cultural Medicine.

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The communities that we work with have a strong culture in traditional medicine and particularly reproductive health. As an example the word Kipsigis refers to ‘people who give birth’ with ‘sigis’ meaning ‘birth’ or ‘fertility. The Ogiek and Kipsigis are both sub-tribes of the wider Kalenjin community populating the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and are known for their strong and rooted practice in Traditional Herbal Medicine. The world famous Maasai who traverse the entire Rift from Northern Kenya and well into Northern Tanzania are well known herbalists and revered for all their strong cultural practices. We work with them in particular for products relating to post-natal health for new mothers and maintenance of libido for men. These communities are known for their strength, longevity and resilience to modern lifestyle related illnesses. The herbs are sourced from deep in the Forest by skilled practitioners who identify the best trees and harvest sustainably to ensure feed-stock for future generations. The herbs are prepared in our Nairobi plant following high hygiene standards and with quality control in place to ensure consistency, efficacy and safety.


Traditional Indigenous Herbal Medicine in Kenya is regulated by the Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts. We are government certified traditional herbalist practitioners with registration number HL/4533/02/2019 serial number 0388 issued on the 7th of February, 2019. Our products have undergone testing with the University of Nairobi, Kenya, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy department who issued a report which has then been filed by the Ministry. The report states that these are commonly used plants in traditional medicine in Kenya and are fit for purpose.


The Ministry Of Sports, Culture and Heritage

University of Nairobi

The British Council of Kenya


C&E Advisory

The Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH)

Kenya Forestry Research Institute

A.I.C Litein Hospital

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