Keeping Safe During Covid


We are in this Together
The fatigue around the Covid-19 pandemic is evident. The reality is that it is still very much tangible and spreading among us, new variants abound. It is increasingly difficult when there is no remedy or cure in sight. There are only treatments for now, but the most effective way is to avoid infection at all costs. The rest of the world is slowly going back to normal in some ways while vaccines are rolling out.

In the Global South, however, that is not the case. We have learned that no one is invincible as illness and loss of friends and family are difficult. We would like to symbolically hold your hands in this time of social distancing and masks to provide a few things to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

What we should avoid

A few things that may weaken your immunity include:
● Drinking too much alcohol which slows healing and may cause other inflammatory diseases, makes you prone to chronic disease and sepsis
● Not getting enough sleep is linked to poor repair for your entire body and the vital organs that do this when you sleep, diminishing your ability to fight illness
● Not getting enough Vitamin D which is more difficult during colder overcast seasons and can increase your propensity for infections
● Severe stress causes higher production of cortisol and can lead to chronic stress that makes you more prone to viral and bacterial infections
● Loneliness due to isolation is a silent epidemic that may cause an inflammatory response impairing the heart, immune system and brain.

What we should do

● Check-in often; we have better means to communicate online and whilst social media makes us feel connected we should reach out to our people and encourage each other more.
● Enjoy good nutrition; healthy, unprocessed and wholesome foods are the best fuel for our bodies and immune systems that give us a better fighting chance in prevention and healing.
● Reduce your stress triggers; it is a difficult time for a lot of us with no end in sight, stress levels need to be managed to maintain a better immune system.
● Manage your pre-existing conditions; for people with chronic health conditions, it is important to maintain their health and get appropriate care during this time.

● Get plenty of sleep, move your body more in terms of activity and more certainly keep observing the public health regulations to protect one another.

Benefits of steaming

Steam inhalation is a commonly used remedy for relieving congestion caused by respiratory infections.
These include the common cold, influenza, coughs, sinus infections and bronchitis. It is vital to note that this is not a cure for any of these infections. It may help ease irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages and the upper respiratory tract. Steam inhalation helps make you feel better while your body fights off the disease and is an easily accessible, non-invasive and inexpensive procedure. All you need is 10-15 mins at a safe distance over some steaming water, under a towel, for up to two to three times a day.

Adding one of the following essential oils may enhance the effectiveness of this treatment:

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – an effective decongestant and provides relief from coughs while clearing the mucus from your chest
Clove Essential Oil – it provides ease from respiratory infections, such as pneumonia, influenza, cough, and asthma
Peppermint Essential Oil – menthol and menthone have anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce nausea as well as migraine and headaches.
Sage Essential Oil – it has potent compounds that provide respiratory relief from coughs, flu, and cold

Benefits of Sagawaita
Our Sagawaita is a 100% locally sourced and natural remedy suitable for the entire family. It is full of anti-inflammatory properties which help your body in response to infections and invaders. This traditional herbal remedy provides relief from cough, fever, congestion, colds, and flu. It alleviates symptoms related to runny nose, persistent cough, sore throat, and tonsillitis by easing inflammation and improving your body’s immune-fighting capability. With a carefully selected choice of herbs, it works to minimize infection by boosting your immune system and detoxing your system all at once.

You can try it as a health tonic or for relief during the cold and flu season. We hope these tips help you during this time. You may reach out to us via social media, our contact numbers or at any of our distribution locations.

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