We need bees for our survival quite literally. Apart from helping to maintain our vast food sources as excellent pollinators, they produce honey and by-products that have been used for centuries for the following:

  • Boosting immune function
  • Wound healing
  • Fertility and sexual reproductive health
  • Antimicrobial agent
  • Weight and health management
  • Promoting healthy skin and hair
  • A rich source of nutrition

We will take a look at the incredible benefits of honey and the by-products.


Honey is a timeless wonder food used for several remedial benefits both internally and externally for thousands of years. Pure unadulterated (raw) unpasteurized honey has the most nutritional value gotten from responsible producers. It is a good source of antioxidants that help prevent the formation of free radicals by protecting your cells. Honey is antifungal and antibacterial as it contains compounds that enable it to prevent infections from these pathogens. Phytonutrients in honey make it useful to treat digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, cancer, and other inflammatory diseases, and overall body mechanisms. A spoonful of honey soothes sore throats and stops coughing. It contains prebiotics which enables a healthy gut environment with the production of healthy gut bacteria. Honey is one of the best remedies to treat seasonal allergies. It is effective in the treatment of cuts and wounds, to heal scars as it naturally contains hydrogen peroxide.


Propolis and Royal Jelly

Bee propolis is a natural resin created when the bee goes out into nature and extracts compounds from flowers and buds and mixes it with its saliva. The bees use this as a barrier or protective type coating on their hives from invaders. Propolis has many microbial properties including; antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral, antitumor, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial uses. It has shown great results when treating mouth ulcers and genital herpes by reducing the amount of herpes virus present in a person’s body. It is also useful for wound healing in topical burns and cuts, sinus allergies, flu, the common cold, and respiratory infections and helps in lowering fevers. The anticancer effects of propolis is used as a complementary treatment as it keeps cancerous cells from multiplying and blocks pathways that keep cancer cells from signaling to each other. Royal jelly is rich in carbs, proteins, fats, B vitamins, and trace minerals and is known for its protective effects on reproductive health, neurodegenerative disorders, wound healing, and aging. Although it’s a food produced by honey bees to feed the queen, many benefits have been found for human health purposes. It may also treat some symptoms of menopause such as pain, impaired memory, depression, and anxiety.

Bee Pollen

These tiny little golden-colored granules are sweet to taste. Bees carry pollen from different flowers and this mixes with nectar to form this nutritionally rich source of vitamins in perfect proportion, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, and fats. This special substance has a number of benefits such as an immune-boosting compound due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties that enhance the body’s natural defense system from pathogens and viral invasions. Bee pollen has many B-vitamins that help with gut and immune health. The high amount of antioxidants protect the cells from oxidative stress and damage. For pregnant women, taking bee pollen has been useful in lowering blood pressure and relieving stress and fatigue. It works to purify the blood and increase oxygen supply to the brain. For protection and healing of the liver, bee pollen effectively works to restore this organ without adverse side effects like in synthetic drugs. Vitamins and antioxidants in bee pollen make it suitable to mix in topical skin remedies and can be used with honey for face masks. The enzymes in bee pollen help to regulate weight and assist with increasing metabolism making it a great addition to a weight-management program. For improving fertility, bee pollen has shown impressive results. This amazing substance is a natural aphrodisiac in addition to helping promote hormonal regulation and ovarian function. It has been used to accelerate pregnancy as it naturally contains a rich source of hormones. Bee pollen can be easily added to your smoothies and breakfast bars as a natural sweetener. It is mixed in with topical remedies to enhance smooth skin and treat topical rashes and eczema.


Worker bees produce this wax to build the honeycomb that houses the entire colony. Since ancient Egyptian times, beeswax has been used topically and can be found in a lot of skincare products and makeup today. Besides its antibacterial properties for wound healing, beeswax provides great relief from conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is a great ointment for sensitive skin that leaves you feeling moisturized. Other conditions that have improved from applying beeswax to the skin include; treatment of hemorrhoids, diaper rash, ringworms, fungal skin infections, and anal fissures. Beeswax is also used in food products as a stiffening agent. However, it also contains mild anti-inflammatory effects for stomach relief and pain. It has been used effectively for the treatment of swelling, ulcers, diarrhea, and hiccups. For your hair needs, beeswax helps to lock in moisture in the strands which creates a protective barrier and eases styling. It also encourages the growth of new hair and soothes the scalp.

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