Arorwet Pregnancy

Hi Harriet! I hope you are well. I thank God so much for you and for giving you the knowledge to come up with this dawa that has greatly helped me, I took only 2 bottles, I was suffering from pcos and the first bottle I took in December while the second one I took in...

Arorwet Painless Periods

Hi Harriet Arorwet has sorted me out big time 21 years of period pain I’m on my second bottle First time I’m having painless periods Thank you so much I also have fibroid and blocked tubes and i have faith that the issues will be sorted out also Kongoi...

Arorwet Pregnancy

Hey girl. Hope you are well. Now today I decided to take a Pregnancy test. The missed days felt so many. With just one bottle it turned positive. I’m still speechless. Well done!! I still can’t believe this. Thank you so much! Whatever you are doing is...

Arorwet Blocked Tubes

Hi, Hope you are well. Kindly post for me anonymously. I started taking the dawa in December 2019 for endometriosis, fibroids, and blocked fallopian tubes after I did an HSG in September 2018. I finished my fourth bottle in early June and went for another painful HSG...

Arorwet Painless Period

Good afternoon. How are you? I started taking the herbs on 15th May 2020. Today I am on day 4 of my period. Why am I writing this? Because for the first time ever in dog years, I HAVE NOT taken a single pain killer. Not even basic paracetamol. The flow is good and not...

Arorwet PID

Hi Harriet, bought Arorwet May, took 1 bottle for a whole month am glad am free from PID, be blessed

Arorwet Pregnancy

Am now 6 weeks pregnant after using dawa. I got a miscarriage last year and the Lord has remembered me once again

Arorwet Fibroids

Hello Harriet, hope you are well. Am happy to give a testimony. I have not had my periods since April 2019. Now and halfway through my 3rd bottle and I have just finished my 3 days menstrual period. Thank you for Arorwet. That’s Doctor’s report for...
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